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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Discover resources and support to help either yourself or someone you know who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and is experiencing mental health challenges.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples the holistic concept of Social and Emotional Well-being recognises the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family, and community. How to best support a friend who identifies as first nation can be different for different mobs and individuals around Australia, so it is always best not to assume, and to check with the person themselves.

13Yarn is an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders run crisis support line. Confidential, culturally safe space to yarn about your needs, worries or concerns. Call 13 92 76

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Flags flowing in wind.

More resources about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences



Social, emotional and cultural wellbeing online resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People


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Strong Spirit Strong Mind – Connect to country and culture [AUDIO]

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Aunty TJ’s Gentle Reminders for Selfcare

Aunty TJ’s Gentle Reminders for Selfcare [VIDEO]

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Carer Gateway

An Australian Government program providing free services and support for carers. If you care for a family member or friend with disability, a medical condition, mental illness, or who is frail due to age, then Carer Gateway can help you.  You can call on 1800 422 737.


Learn more about the issues Australia’s young people with disabilities are facing through these resources or find contacts for support.