This website contains content about suicide prevention. If life is in immediate danger, please call 000 immediately. If you’re feeling distressed but not in immediate danger, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 for free and confidential support.




Self-care for the Supporter.

After supporting a friend through a difficult experience, it’s important to check-in and recharge yourself.

1. Talk to a trusted adult about your experience. Make sure you’re ok.

2. Talk about your experience with others on a safe platforms or forums, like My Circle

3. It’s good to seek professional help for yourself as well – helping a friend showing signs of suicide can be a really stressful experience. You can contact Kidshelpline and have some free counselling session to help debrief and make sure you’re ok.

4. Do an activity that brings you joy. 

Lady sitting on stairs and drinking tea

After supporting a friend, how do you keep mentally fit?

Hear from some peers how they look after themselves after supporting a friend.

#Chatsafe – Self-care tips

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by suicide-related content online, remember to look after yourself. Snooze your feed, take a break and relax, or log off social media completely.

headspace – Find Your Passion

Keep doing the stuff you love to do and the things that are important to you. It can help keep the fun in your life, give you a sense of purpose and boost your confidence!

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After supporting a friend, how do you keep mentally fit? transcript

After supporting a friend, how do you stay mentally fit?

It is fairly taxing on yourself to support someone through that. You’re going through it with them. And, often the best way I find is just go for a walk, find somewhere quiet to just be with yourself away from everyone for a little bit, and just have some me time, really.

Personally, I would talk to my mum. I love debriefing with her, I think she’s someone I can trust to keep these secrets between us. Or, I like to go out and exercise with my own friends and just relax.

Well, just doing things that you like. Just making sure that you are happy. I play squash, hang out with friends with a frisbee, just chilling.

Cooking up a curry, living my best life.

You gotta make sure you’re doing things for yourself as well. And focusing on yourself and keeping yourself healthy, mentally and physically.